I got into the fountain pen hobby just about six years ago. I bought a Jinhao and a Monteverde Poquito within a month of each other and neither of them wrote. I nearly gave up, but then I discovered Goulet Pens, Pen Addict, Well-Appointed Desk, etc., etc. They gave me hope and guidance to buy my first working fountain pen (the Pilot Metropolitan) and virtually every pen purchase since. I am immensely grateful for all of the fountain pen blogs out there. Being an academic, I have read them all (at least all the ones listed in Pennaquod) and the entire backlog of several of them multiple times. Now I want to contribute to the blogosphere.

I'm trying to stop buying fountain pens, or at least acquire less frequently and more thoughtfully. That might seem like a weird attitude for starting a fountain pen blog. It certainly doesn't admittedly sound sustainable - Matt from the Pen Habit said goodbye in part because he was tired of buying pens for review rather than using what he had; when Anthony from UK Fountain Pens nearly quit, he said something along the same lines. But what I'm hoping to do on this blog isn't just reviews. I will write retroactive reviews on all the pens I've used and post reflections about this hobby and my place in it.

Like a lot of us (unless I'm just projecting), I've spent too much on pens. Not subjectively; I think I've paid a fair price for almost all the pens I've own. Objectively, though, I simply cannot afford to keep purchasing pens, ink, or paper at the rate that I have been. The price of pens I've been buying has shot upwards, and my paycheck has not followed suit. I'm creating this blog in part to be accountable to my limits.

I also hope that this will be useful for others in the hobby as well. If you have any suggestions, please contact me at contact@peninvestigations.com


I really, really, really doubt anyone will ever send me free review samples. If that ever happens, I will update this page and mention the fact in the review. I will write as neutral of a review as possible. In all of my posts, I aim to be kind but honest. Unless stated otherwise, I have paid for everything out of my meager paycheck.