Due to my relative lack of funds, I try very hand to resist my FOMO urges. It's so hard in the fountain pen hobby when there are special edition pens and inks coming out every year! The Gentleman Stationer has a recent post about how these have flooded the market. But the items I didn't get to buy that I mourn the most don't tend to be limited editions.

Here are the top 5 things that I've missed out on:

  1. Tactile Turn Gist

    • These pens are so cool looking! And since I love the polycarb (aka, Makrolon) bodies of my Kaco Edge, I would be super interested in having that material in an even more refined body. And to have a pen with a Damascus steel grip... that's a be still my heart kind of moment. While Tactile Turn is still in business, the Gist is out of production. They rarely seem to pop up on the used market - perhaps a testament to what great pens they are. Even if they do, it's not the same as choosing which kind to get. That being said, if you do have a Gist you'd be willing to let go of, I have a WTB post in FPGeeks about it...

  2. The Lookout by Nock, co

    • Nock, co is closing up shop. I've wanted a Lookout for years, but always seemed to miss the colorways I like being in stock. I have a 3 pen Penvelope from Franklin-Christoph and a tweed cozy from Rickshaw Bags, but they're not the same. And now it looks like I'll never have one.

  3. Affordable Gold Nibs

    • I will probably write a whole post on this topic later. When I came into the hobby, gold-nibbed pens ran $30-$50 cheaper than they currently do. Now most of them have definitively moved out of my price point. I love my steel nibs, and I don't believe in the inherent superiority of gold nibs, but I do still feel sad at having missed out on the chance to try out a variety of nib materials.

  4. Tomoe River Paper

    • I adore Clairefontaine and Rhodia paper. I was initially put off by the thinness and crinkliness of Tomoe River paper. Then I got super into high sheen inks, but I only got two notebooks of Tomoe River before the paper formula changed. My Nanami Seven Seas is made of the new stuff, and, frankly, I don't like it. There is plenty of other paper to enjoy, but I really missed out on the TR experience.

  5. Lamy Petrol Ink

    • I said this post wouldn't be about limited edition stuff, but Lamy Petrol has to be my one exception. Look at it! For someone who adores dark teal inks, this was a match made in heaven. I even tried to get a bottle of this when it came out, but I couldn't manage to snag one.

So what about you? What have you missed out on? What items encourage your FOMO tendencies?

As for me, I'm currently in a tense internal debate about whether to order the Pelikan M200 Pastel-Green. I own the M205 Olivine, and while it's a great pen model, I don't particularly care for demonstrators. Even tinted ones. (Incidentally, this is why I've never gotten much into TWSBIs...) I actually ordered the Pastel-Green from Goulet but then returned it uninked because I really couldn't afford to buy it. But it's been haunting me ever since. Am I talking myself into it?! If I buy it, I'll be sure to post here.